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The Great Lockdown, day 33, way too early for what’s apparently a Saturday (but who cares what day it is anymore). And, here I‌ am, watching a 5-year-old BTS concert “live” on Youtube along with 2 million people.

I don’t know how your plans to make the best of these strange times are going. But mine went awry pretty fast. Over the past month, I’ve barely completed one week's worth of Steezy dance classes, I've given up on brushing up my Spanish, I’ve knitted enough hats to last my one-year-old niece until her 15th birthday while starting ten new TV series, binge-watching Netflix’s “Nailed It!” latest season and going down every single one of PBS Eons youtube videos. Not quite the productivity was hoping for!

Those past weeks have also given me the opportunity to look up new music and artists, to catch up on the latest releases, and to watch an ungodly amount of live performances. Artists everywhere are bringing their concerts, old or new, online or are creating new content adapted to the lockdown constraints. While some of those are forgettable, bad quality home recordings are really underwhelming, some other initiatives are far more interesting!

You’ve probably heard about “One World: Together at Home”, the huge concert will go live today - Saturday, April 18th - at 7 pm Paris time. With an impressive lineup including Lady Gaga, Lizzo, Lang Lang, The Killers, Adam Lambert, Annie Lennox, Sho Madjozi, Zucchero, Angèle or SuperM, among dozens of others, it will be broadcasted by several networks, on TV and online.

And if you’re still in need for more, at midnight Paris time, David Guetta will take over for a live concert from Miami, it’s also part of a fundraising effort. You’ll be able to dance through the night, although your neighbors may not appreciate it as much as you will!

With their “Map of the Soul” world tour being postponed, Korean group BTS is offering fans “Bang Bang Con”, 4 concerts back to back, broadcasted on youtube live, each day today and tomorrow starting at 12 am KST.‌ Yes, that’s 5 am here.

Time zones and work, can make those live shows and broadcasts difficult to catch! Luckily some artists are also releasing concerts you'l be able to watch whenever you want.

Radiohead is bringing us one of their concerts every Tuesday on Youtube. And Pink Floyd started yesterday with the 1994‌ PULSE‌ Concert and will post content each Friday, as a fundraiser for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.

Some organizations are also joining the effort to bring us musical culture. Franco-German TV‌ network Arte is opening its concert catalog, with a mix of live streaming and replay. My personal picks? Demi Portion, for some high quality French rap, N.E.R.D. at the 2018 Paris Summer Jam, Johnny Cash 1976 concert at the Tennessee State Prison and Joan Beaz’s The Fare Thee Well Tour recorded at the Olympia in Paris.

And if you’re missing clubbing, Arte also has you covered with “United We Stream” that brings you the best of the Berlin's scene DJs for 4 to 5 hours sets. And for once you can really dance like no one’s watching! Except maybe your cat. Who will definitely be judging you.

Let’s not forget The Metropolitan Opera of New York, which is giving us a new opera to watch every day, available for 24 hours. Next week lineup? Tosca, Les Contes d’Hoffman, La Traviata, to name a few. And on Saturday, April 25th, at 7 PM‌ Paris Time, they are organizing the “At-Home Gala” with over 40 artists all over the world who will record from their homes.

The festival dwellers are probably feeling defeated right now, but some organizations are trying to find alternatives. Following its cancelation, "Le Printemps de Bourges" is moving online! At the same dates, from April 21st to the 28th, almost all the artists from the original lineup will take their performance online in various forms to create an ‘imaginary’ festival. You’ll still be able to listen to Alain Souchon, Ayo, Tryo and many others, but from the comfort of your own home instead.

While it will never be the same as a real concert, the internet is allowing artists and spectators to connect despite social distancing. It may even be a great opportunity to discover new things! What will you be watching?


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