Music. Whether we realize it or not, music is part of our lives.

We all listen to music in our own way and with our own motivation, consciously or not, to pass time or for deeper aspirations.

Just by hearing sounds, music allows us to share thoughts and feelings with people all over the world. It’s no wonder no culture has ever existed without music. Music follows us. As individuals, allowing us to express how we feel, to listen to personal stories, or it can just help us uplift our mood or to dwell in our sadness.


But music also impacts us as a society. As someone once said, there’s no revolution without its songs. And protest songs have been raising questions and awareness for centuries. Music is ageless, constantly reinventing itself, adjusting the classics to please modern ears, creating new manners to listen to it in order to seduce a new public. Even for those not accustomed to it, classical music has found its way to them.

Even in our globalized world, music has been able to keep its uniqueness.‌ With so much variation from a genre to another or within the same genre from a place to another, we will never be done discovering new things. And in our globalized world, musical discoveries are just a click away.


We want to use our blog not only to share our views on music but also to open your ears on what is done now. We want to take you on a journey through the world of music.‌ Taking you out of your musical comfort zone, allowing you to discover new artists, new genres and new ways to make music, and showing you what music can bring us, how it can be used to tell important things and get messages across.

The Writers


"I listen to absolutely everything. I collect LPs (I even have 78 rpm). Always looking for new sounds and rare recordings. I read a lot about music too: magazines, fanzines, books and of course blogs. Currently, I'm mainly interested in the Indian scene. I hope you will share my enthusiasm for this music.​​"


"I’m amused and fascinated by all forms of arts and takes pleasure in seeing hybridizations that are taking place, mixing music with theater or cinema experimenting with new things, to create and think about our world. To me, music finds its meaning and its beauty in the context which defines it, highlights it. "


"Music is a big part of my life. Especially for someone who can’t play an instrument and definitely can’t sing! But the days I forgot my headphones are the saddest ones. I love discovering new artists and new genres. My playlist is on the crazy side, with anything from rap to chanson française, to K-pop or Mongolian metal."


"Now, I listen to any kind of music (rock, rap, blues, ...)  but my first love is jazz (thanks to Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, and so many other legends known and unknown): happiness, joy, smile, ... a whirlwind of emotions, feeling, which allowed me to discover a new world, meet new people, and being who I am now.    "